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Melbourne Wedding Bands - Family or Professional MC?

The role of an MC for your wedding is more important than most people realise. Unless you have a friend or family member who is used to public speaking ( or you are great mates with Ryan Seacrest or Bert Newton) we suggest that we do the more difficult parts and a family member do the introductions. However we recommend they practice with us first to make sure they are loud, clear and speak slowly. We include a free script and coaching session.


Melbourne Wedding Bands - the lasting memory of your choice

There are 4 main choices you need to make when choosing music for function. Function music, dinner music, reception music and the Master of Function or MC. 

The most popular package is Party Doctors function duo, or PARTY DOCTORS trio. WHY? They provide the music for your function reception, inlcuding dinner music, provide a full MC (or can assist your MC) and provide your choice of background music when the band is on a break. ALL IN ONE. In addition, they constantly communicate directly on the night with the Reception Centre supervisor, to make timing changes so you can RELAX, rather than be stressed out with unnecessary details.

Choosing the Melbourne Wedding Reception Band

Using live music provides a certain festive energy to the evening, and is a wonderful option if your budget allows it. The key is to find a band that specifically does functions, so that they can offer the versatility you need for a good event. 

With a DJ, the function music will be played exactly how they were originally recorded, whereas live musiuc can be modified to suit a beach, country or jazz swing function setting, and can change tempo during a song 

Party Doctors Band Duo and Party Doctors Trio, give you the best of both worlds, by playing DJ during the musical breaks and to provide your choice of recorded music. They have performed at many functions where the bride and groom want a small amount specialised, traditional ethnic music - Macedonian, Croatian, Italian etc., especially to honour the relatives, but DON’T want this all night. By playing this from CD during breaks, they have had the whole venue doing traditional dances for over 30 minutes at a time!


Choosing Wedding Music For Your Function

The very first step in determining the music for your  function, is to consider what you want, or what you envision for your day. Do you want a solo vocalist? Do you want several musicians? It’s helpful to take notice during any functions you attend while you are engaged, of what you liked, or didn’t like, when it came to the function music

Corporate function band or DJ?

This is a question facing many brides. Many clients have found a great solution. Have both in one with Affinity or Party Doctors for great Melbourne corporate function bands! Some brides choose DJs for various reasons and I have worked with some excellent ones however I will discuss some misconceptions.

 Our solo with MC starts from just $750. For Melbourne function entertainment A top DJ may be the same or a less experienced a few hundred dollars cheaper. The music and MC is one of the most important parts of your experience and lasting memories. For a tiny cost compared with flowers, make up, limo etc you can experience a world of difference . 
With our acts YOU choose your live songs and also the songs played DJ style in breaks or as a special feature. One example of how Melbourne corporate function bands  work is where the bride and groom want a small amount traditional ethnic music especially to honour the relatives but DON’T want this all night! By playing this from CD during breaks we have had the whole venue jumping doing traditional dances for 20 minutes at a time! 

 We have Lady Gaga and Black Eyed Peas as well as 80,s classics which are the most popular requests. Keep in mind that the correct song choice for that exact moment and crowd is THE most important skill of a professional entertainer. As an example we recently did a traditional Italian function and immediately over dinner the groom asked for an AC DC song. This illustrates how songs must be chosen to suit the mood and taste of the whole audience NOT your own taste entirely.This is why we have the repertoire we do as it is proven to suit the vast majority of functions.


Hearing a song sung live compared to listening to a record is a whole different dimension of emotion. A band is live, and when played by experienced musicians, nothing can beat live music. Party Doctors Band give you the best of both worlds by playing DJ during the breaks to provide your choice of recorded music. Musicians can really work with the theme of your function reception and modify songs accordingly. If the party is lagging, they can always switch the tempo. Hiring a band adds the exciting possibility that anything can happen.
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